Evolve Big Alpha delayed on PS4 due to latest firmware issues

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This information comes directly from 2K…

Following the recent PS4 2.00 firmware update, we are experiencing difficulties with the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4. As a result, the test on PlayStation 4 is postponed. PlayStation and 2K are working together on a resolution. Evolve’s closed alpha test is still playable on Xbox One and PC.



Final Fantasy XV details

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Walking the world

  • The first video shown is a portion of the Dascae region which will be on the demo
  • Events and enemy position removed/changed for this video to show just the walking
  • You can eat and gather information at gas stations
  • If you can see something in the background you can go to it
  • Depending on the shape of the ground Noct and friends walking animations will change
  • If you keep running you can see your friends tire and try to catch their breath
  • You can fish in streams, rivers, and the ocean!
  • You can fight the wildlife. As they are always active, be careful as they will attack if you get close
  • There are buildings in the forest with people living in them. You can enter some of these buildings
  • There are also animals that aren’t enemies like cats and dogs
  • In order to make the mountains the developers actually climbed one. They might show a video of them doing this one day
  • Demons like the Naga or the Goblins will come out of the caves at night
  • It’s dangerous at night and is safer to rest at a gas station or by other means
  • The party members dialogue will change in accordance to the time
  • A Chocobo was shown in the forest. Look forward to finding out more in the demo
  • The enemy airship patrols will sometimes land and fight you
  • Magitek Armor will make an appearance. (was not meant to have been said)
  • The Dascae region is as a large as 10% of the game

The Tech Demo!

  • Currently transferring the game from Ebony to Luminous
  • Engine transferring currently 80% complete and will be 100% done by the time the demo is out.
  • Working with Sony and MS to help push the hardware to its limits
  • Not all, but you can destroy buildings and the ground
  • With the power of Luminous FFXV will far surpase FF:AC
  • Another tech demo is planned to be shown at a later date

Your questions to Tabata

Q.What if I mash the attack button instead of holding it down?
A.Even if you mash the attack button the combo will still operate fine and connect together. It’s possible to counter while you button mash; if you hold the button down you have to be more careful of the enemies movements and it’s more strategic.

Q.Will Type0 HD be available digitally and will it come with the FFXV demo?
A.Of course

Q.Why doesn’t the MP show up on the UI?
A.The battle UI is still temporary. When it is complete it will clearly show the MP

Q.I’m a little worried the game will only last 40 hours
A.The main story itself will take 40 hours. Beating dungeons and other actives will make the length of the game much longer

Next Episode Preview
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