BurgerTime World Tour to be taken down from digital store fronts

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MonkeyPaw Games is removing BurgerTime World Tour from all digital store fronts. Licensing agreements have expired, so MonkeyPaw is being forced to take the game down.

BurgerTime World Tour will now be available for the sale price of $4.99 until April 30. Once this day passes, the title will be gone for good.

Those who purchase BurgerTime World Tour prior to its removal will be able to access the game in the future.

Source: MonkeyPaw Games PR


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PlayStation Store update (4/15/14, North America)

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This week’s North American PlayStation Store update is as follows:

PS4 Pre-Orders

PS3 Pre-Orders

PS4 Games

Trials Fusion ($19.99) 
Backgammon Blitz ($7.99) 
Pure Chess ($7.99) 
That Trivia Game ($9.99)

PS3 Games

Beyond Two Souls ($59.99) 
Backgammon Blitz ($7.99)

PS Vita Games

Backgammon Blitz ($7.99)
Dead Nation Vita ($7.99) 
Ethan: Meteor Hunter ($9.99, Cross Buy) 

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Conception II hitting Europe in May, DLC to begin rolling out next month as well

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is out today in North America. In Europe, Atlus expects the game to arrive next month. A specific date hasn’t been nailed down, but news will be shared in the near future.

Atlus also plans to begin releasing Conception II’s DLC in May. The Monokuma DLC, which adds two new quests, will kick things off. Additional DLC will be rolled out each week.

Source: Atlus PR


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