Capcom says numbered Resident Evil games are for action-oriented players, Revelations is for traditional fans

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This information comes from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 producer Michiteru Okabe…

“You’re right to say that the numbered Resident Evil games are more action-oriented. They’re aimed at a wide, mass audience. The Resident Evil: Revelations games, however, are aimed at long-time RE fans who want a more traditional, survival horror experience.”



Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century announced for PS Vita

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At the Tokyo Game Show earlier today, Compile Heart announced Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century announced for the PlayStation Vita. This will be an updated version of the original PlayStation 3 game. New story episodes will be included. More information will be shared in Dengeki PlayStation on September 25.



New Final Fantasy XV details (including demo info)

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Square Enix showed new footage for Final Fantasy XV during the Tokyo Game Show 2014 and also revealed new details during a recent NicoNico live stream. You’ll find the latest information below.

– “Episode Duscae” demo is set in the Duscae region of Final Fantasy XV
– Will have different systems from the game that are still in the early stages
– Will have enough content for 3-4 hours of play
– Dungeon(s) to explore
– 3-4 hours of gameplay assumes that you’ll use vehicles while playing
– Completing the demo without vehicles will take longer since walking is slower than driving
– It was hinted that there may even be some Chocobos to ride
– No boss fights in the demo
– There will be something even more impressive, which will have a huge impact on fans of the Final Fantasy series
– Can drive a car yourself
– You can let Ignis take control of the wheel as part of an auto-drive feature
– There will also be random talk-events with Noctis and his buddies
– Square Enix has changed Ignis’ basic expression and his hairstyle from last year’s E3 trailer
– Certain parts with elevation difference will get puddles when it rains, and places under roofs will stay dry
– Once the rain stops, things will gradually start to dry up as well
– This also includes the characters’ clothing and their hair
– Game will have natural passing of time—morning, day, and night
– Recent footage shown is what they’d consider to be at around 70 to 80% of what they’re going for
– The demo is expected to be of a higher quality
– New system lets you continuously dodge while holding down the block button
– You can also auto-attack by simply holding down the attack button
– The combat is more on the action side, but it’s simplified so you can pull off a bunch of different moves with relative ease
– E3 trailer from last year was created using a temporary development environment (likely meaning it was running on PC), where the intent was simply to show off the kind of game they wanted to make
– Now that they’re working within their actual development environment, motions and other aspects of the game aren’t at their 100% complete stage, but they expect things to get much better over time
– Noctis pulls off cooperative moves with the others
– This is also part of a combat feature that will be easy to pull off as long as you have allies nearby
– More info during their Square Enix Presents show
– A bunch of information coming during Jump Festa later this year



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain introduces “DD”

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Update: Video below:


At the Tokyo Game Show today, a new character was introduced for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And that’s DD, pictured in the shots above. Indeed, he’s a wolf/dog.

DD will assist players on missions similar to Quiet. However, depending on how you play, it’s possible that you may not even find him throughout the adventure.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches in 2015.



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