A better look at one of GTA V’s art pieces, Rockstar gives update on power situation

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November 2, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

A member of the GTAForums posted a higher-quality, larger version of GTA V’s quad bike image. Take a look below:

We previously saw this art through a small pre-order poster posted a few days back.

Our next big Grand Theft Auto V update will come in the form of Game Informer’s December issue or second trailer. Yesterday Rockstar said that the next official video may not be released as quick as initially expected due to a power outage at its New York offices stemming from Hurricane Sandy, but promised it “will have something to show soon.”

Rockstar gave an update on its power situation earlier today:

“…You may not realise this but our entire New York office is still without power which, as you might imagine, is making it difficult to carry out our work as normal. …No further information available right now, but we hope to be fully operational again next week.”

There’s still a decent chance that Rockstar will debut GTA V’s second trailer next week. Still, if that doesn’t roll out, fans can at least look forward to Game Informer’s blowout in a few days.

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