Beware of this save-destroying bug in Ni no Kuni

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January 20, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Ni no Kuni has a rather inconvenient bug. At around 45 minutes into the game, players will encounter a wand quest. If you save/restore at the start of the quest, your file will be destroyed.

This isn’t an isolated bug, unfortunately. There are a few reports surfacing from press members with early copies noting the same problem. Hopefully Namco Bandai will issue a fix!

Ni no Kuni launches in North America this Tuesday. Be sure to keep this information in mind while playing.

  • Bernando

    45 minutes in? Not really an issue but still existing. WHat i heard there is no problem as long as you wait with saving.

    • Kraidle

      Not an issue? It’s compulsive for most RPG players to save before any quest starts. This might turn off people who experience the bug from the rest of the game, period.

      Probably something that can be fixed with a patch, but like any bug that can destroy a save file, it’s a very gross oversight.

      • timetomarket

        Your allowed to make as many save files as you like and typically it is faster to just save to a new slot so you don’t have to confirm overwrite. So it isn’t really much of an issue unless the save files are enormous.

  • RyGuy

    Thanks for the heads up. Any idea what the specific name of the quest is so I can keep an eye out in the event the day one patch doesn’t fix this?

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