Capcom celebrating its 30th anniversary with special logo

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March 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Did you know that Capcom is celebrating a big anniversary this year? It’s true! The company will be turning 30 years-old in just a few months.

To celebrate the anniversary, which officially takes place on June 11, Capcom has prepared a special logo “that will be used with internal and external corporate communications. The logo incorporates Capcom’s corporate colors and uses a perspective that creates a sense of depth. This design expresses Capcom’s accomplishments since its inception along with the determination to continue to grow in the future. The logo will be used in all Capcom Group advertisements, sales promotion materials, publications, websites and other communication channels until March 2014.”

Capcom also said the following about the significant milestone:

“Capcom views the 30th anniversary as a new beginning for creating more content that fully draws on the company’s outstanding development skills and basic research programs. Capcom is dedicated to using this progress to contribute to the advancement of the entertainment industry as well as to earn even greater satisfaction and trust among all stakeholders.”

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