Destiny concept art leaks out early, details

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February 17, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Activision and Bungie will be lifting an official embargo on Destiny later today, but IGN has accidentally uploaded a video early containing official concept art and details. It gives some insight as to how the game plays, and practically confirms next-gen releases alongside PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Concept art and information about Destiny are posted below. Check back later today for more details.

- “mythic science fiction universe”
- Always connected
- Can play by yourself or by your friends
- Sort of MMO-ish
- Doesn’t require a subscrpition fee
- Coming to PS3, 360, and “future generation technology”
- “Vex”, “Kabal”, “The Fallen” are different races/factions of enemies
- At least three classes
- Can travel to Mars
- Somewhere on Mars in the Dust Palace there’s a dungeon-like, raid-type experience
- Spider-pirates enemies
- Game has magic
- Traveler (protective force) hovers over Earth, savior of the human race
- Protected humans from being obliterated
- Can wield some of the Traveler’s power, which is basically magic
- At least 3 classes: Hunter (Sniper), Warlock (Magic), Titan (possibly Assault class)
- Has space zombies
- Has Destiny’s version of Halo’s Ghost
- Time travelling robots: enemies
- Social elements
- Competitive/co-op play
- Destiny be around for 10 years


  • Ronnie

    The artwork looks beautiful. Can’t wait to play it on the next Xbox.

  • arde

    looks like the new ME is here. can’t wait, I guess.

  • Michael

    Looks great, but it doesn’t seem to be a console-mmo of sorts like some of the rumors said. There is nothing open or persistent looking about those environments.

  • AmericanPie

    I love to play this game on PS3 and PS4. A Bungiegame on PlayStation!!
    Microsoft lost to much excl. this generation. Name all the xbox360 excl.devs, and not the ones making kinekt shovelware.

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