DmC Devil May Cry to offer Vergil as playable character in new DLC

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November 12, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Update: The DLC will cost 720 MS points on XBLA / $8.99 on PSN in the US.

Capcom will launch downloadable content for DmC Devil May Cry that will allow players to take control of Vergil, Dante’s twin brother. The DLC will be made available shortly after the game launches in January 2013.

According to Capcom, Vergil’s Downfall “contains hours of new gameplay, 4 difficulty levels and the opportunity to play as one of the most wanted Devil May Cry characters, Vergil, with an all new storyline, weapons, combos, enemies and locations.”

Vergil’s Downfall will cost 720 MS points on Xbox Live Arcade and €8.99 / £7.29 on PlayStation Network. We’ll update this post when we receive US pricing information.

Source: Capcom PR

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