Durango has 1.6GHz CPU?

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December 1, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Longtime Wii and new Wii U hacker “Marcan” claims to have some information about Durango’s specs. Specifically, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor is rumored to have a 1.6GHz CPU.

A couple of days ago, Marcan also outed the Wii U’s CPU clock speed, which apparently comes in at 1.243125GHz. He said that the system’s GPU core clocks in at 549.999755MHz.

Of course, clock speed is just one element of a CPU (and hardware overall). Cores and hardware threads play a role with regard to performance as well. There’s been talk of Durango having anywhere from four to eight cores.

It goes without saying that all Durango spec rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. Remember, Microsoft still has yet to officially announce the new console!

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  • http://twitter.com/Ashdude Mark

    All of a sudden, the Wii U doesn’t look that slow anymore, huh?

  • Bradley

    It still sucks. It really didnt improve at all. The controller is just like a big 3ds.

    • cusman

      I remember when people used to say the iPad is just a big iPhone… didn’t turn out so bad for the iPad.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WMBSGLJINFQL3F4EIFQOUQ73KA Quan

      *Yawns* I’m get a Wii U soon.

    • Avon Oirts

      I thought so too at first, but it has a number of advantages that the the 3ds didn’t. In particular, the fact that the gamepad screen can be overlayed on top of the tv screen. Many developers can probably create some pretty inventive stuff with that in mind. That and the possibility of more variety in asymmetrical gameplay is also very exciting. Though without that, the thing really has been relegated to the role of a high power 3ds. Still, if that isn’t enough to brighten the mood, you’re allowed to continue thinking it sucks. It’s your opinion after all.

  • cozomel

    First of all this a rumor, whereas the WiiU’s cpu has been probed/tested and found to be 1.24ghz. Second of all, even if Durangos cpu speed was true, you have to acknowledge the fact that while its true that cpu speed/ghz alone isnt the only measure of a cpu’s performance (so yes its true that you can have a lower ghz cpu perform better than a higher ghz cpu, but usually only if the lower ghz cpu is of a newer or better design/architecture). While we know that the WiiU’s cpu is the same old Gamecube cpu (which is based/derived on a 1997 Power PC) with higher clock cycles and more cache. That alone is no where near enough to boost its performance level to that of modern day cpus. It also only does one thread per core compared to most modern day cpus doing two or more threads per core. Its only saving grace is that its an Out-of-Order-Execution (OoOE) processor (as opposed to the Inline-Order cpus in the curren gen). Whereas we know nothing of the Durangos cpu design yet. So you cannot make the comparison simply on ghz and if you do you are doing it out of ignorance and fanboyism. I mean for godness sake, we’ve had develoers come out and say that the cpu is slower than the curren gen systems cpus.

  • truth11112222

    You people are GULLIBLE! This is Nintendo’s ploy to get more sales because people will think that it is not worth it to wait for the next gen Microsoft console!

    • i own all three

      But it’s worth the wait for ps4 haha we all know that ps4 will never be slow like that haha

    • i own all three

      But it’s worth the wait for ps4 haha we all know that ps4 will never be slow like that haha

    • Avon Oirts

      Well, technically Nintendo would rather the guy that outed this be killed than speaking anything. Remember, he’s kind a big reason the Wii had it’s games pirated like crazy. Wii U isn’t all that much better being at only 1.24. CPUs are NOT as simple as using a clock speed to determine their ability. Also, if it adds to their credibility, Marcan has also been involved in a lot of other hacking related agendas, including the PS3 hacks which has garnered him a great deal of respect. Whether or not you choose to believe this information is up to you and by all means you can accept that, just realize the clock speed isn’t everything in the universe we currently exist in and the potential speed of 1.6ghz for the next gen x-box will likely cream the older 3.2 ghz xenon of the 360. Seriously though, Nintendo would have the same guy that revealed 1.24ghz of their console advertising. Hope informative and remember, you’re entitled to your opinions.

  • crazynick

    1.6Ghz at four to eight cores versus 1.24Ghz at three (broadway on steroids) cores….wonder which is better…

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