From Software apologizes for Dark Souls frame-rate issues, unsure if there’ll be a sequel

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January 31, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

The release of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls have both been met with critical success and, for the most part, positive fan feedback. That doesn’t mean a third game in the series is guaranteed, though.

Dark Souls creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki expressed some doubt as to whether or not there will be another sequel. Since From Software is unsure if fans “will forgive us for the mistakes”, the team isn’t sure if they’ll get “another chance” to work on a third “Dark” project.

Miyazaki told EDGE:

“We don’t even know if we’ll have another chance. We have the confidence that we can improve from our mistakes this time and create an even better Dark world, but we don’t know if the users will forgive us for the mistakes, so I cannot give an exact answer.”

Miyazaki was referring to the frame-rate issues in Dark Souls when speaking about the team’s mistakes. He told the magazine that “there were technical difficulties” in making the game and explained that the large scope of the project contributed to the issues.

“Yes, there were technical difficulties. I don’t believe that it’s okay to have them, but realistically speaking, it was quite a large-scale game – even in terms of budget and expectations. So we’re very sorry for the trouble we’ve caused by our processing errors and bugs from Japan. It was a title that we haven’t really experienced in all aspects, so there were areas where we felt our technical side couldn’t keep up with the game’s scope, like an increasingly growing ache. I didn’t mind the growing pains. We accept the game as it is, and that it’s just a part of the learning curve.”

  • dieger

    demon souls had framerate issue so did dark souls im was fine with it even if the third one has framerate issues ill still buy it brand new! its fine PLEASE MAKE A THIRD GAME FROM software PLEASE!!

  • usrev2

    every review site loves the game what are they smoking…

    I don’t like either game,its boring but i’m sure others do.
    the boss fights are awesome but everything else is just like… meh

  • Sideras

    Considering how deep this game is compared to it’s competition, I couldn’t care less about some framerate issues, besides the framerate made Blight Town all that more imposing :)

  • http://N4g Kevin

    Lots of games have frame rate issues. While its very annoying, it doesn’t break a game. Demons souls is one of my favorite games and dark souls was amazing too. Combat is awesome. I hope they make a 3rd game.

  • BloodTsunami

    Both games were amongst the best the current console generation have ever produced. Considering Bethesda can’t even make a game that works properly on any platform, and not at all on one. Don’t sweat it Hidetaka, the hardcore will buy shit out of your next installment.

    Oh and usrev2, you clearly have a vagina where your heart should be.

  • Marek

    FROM Soft. Think about next generation please. i’d like to see next gen Dark game!


    i recently got dark souls christmas and beat yesterday and i got demon souls on Sunday and i enjoyed them both the frame rate issue to me made more frightening and harder fight wither its in blight-town or in boletaria PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A 3RD GAME FROM SOFTWARE PLEASE

  • JayLin22

    I never had the pleasure of playing Demon Souls (I only have a 360), so I jumped at the chance to play Dark Souls. I appreciate the developers apologizing for the games’ (minor) tech issues, but the fact remains that Dark Souls is a fantastic game which contains the attribute I look for most in games – atmosphere. All I can say is thank you, and if there’s a third game, you can bank on my purchace.

  • Matthew Gorton

    Don’t get me wrong, I friggin love both Demons and Dark Souls probably more than any other games… but either the development team has so much honor (trust me, I have an idea of how japanese people are) which is fine but he should understand that we indeed understand and accept it OR it’s a cop-out and they just don’t want to make a third game…. No hate, promise, just a thought.

  • chadachada

    If the developers are truly that humble, I’ve gained a lot of respect for them.

    The frame rate sucked at times, sure, but Dark Souls is easily in my top 3 favorite games of all time, easily. That and Demon’s Souls are games that should absolutely be praised. Compared to the next top RPG right now, Skyrim, which had bugs making the game near-unplayable AND a huge frame-rate problem…

    The frame rate for Dark Souls was definitely worth it, and we absolutely forgive FROM for it.

  • FraRPetO

    Framerate was not so bad at all on Dark Souls :S
    it’s a very good game, it is GOTY for me.. :’)
    I hope they make another souls game

  • FraRPetO

    And yeah, i agree skyrim has the worst framerate issues
    everytime a f**king dragon attacked, it was not even fun to play the game
    and all those NPCs trying to tell me their life story everytime i happen to be near them lol annoying (doesn’t deserve GOTY)

  • Nick

    So because of all the lil bitches online crying about the game we might not get a sequel?. Well I hope you’re happy you lil bitches.

  • Ash

    I forgive From software because I understand how difficult it is to create a masterpiece. No one is ever perfect and I believe that you learn more from failing than you do from succeeding so, keep trying From software…Keep trying! Also the small frame-rate issues is nothing to fret over. Now game breaking glitches and bugs are serious and companies should apologize for those frame-rate issues, however is no big thing.

  • JB

    A game which is complex and as big as DkS is will suffer little issues,we should and do except this.
    Stop being so hard on yourself FROM an learn from your errors to make the next soul game as good as the two you have given us.
    You owe no one an apology,keep up the good work.

  • Downes

    The frame rate issues were not that bad..I hope they make a new game and make it twice as hard as dark souls.As it was not that hard itself..I am a Demon Soul Vet though so that might be why i thought it was not that hard..but hey at least we got the land of the giants sort of haha

  • Joel

    i’ve read about so much hidden back story in this game and there are so many questions left unanswered there MUST be a third game.


    I play dark souls on the ps3 and I am going to tell the truth: there are very very very small instances in which the frame rate issue in the game actually caused any type of problem for me. I didn’t even know there was an issue before I read this! As to a sequel, I will buy one, but the dev team has got to be enthusiastic about it…they don’t seem to be at this point

  • nico

    Dark souls and Demon souls are to me some of the greatest rpg of all time. The atmosphere and the difficulty are extraordinary. Those two games easily took 600 hours of my life and i don’t regret for a single minute. I’m not sure who’s bitching about some framerate issue but as a user said before me – i understood about the problem from this article. If From software decide to make third game it will be first day buy for me and i’ll fucking enter as a dark spirit in anyone’s world who says smt about framerate issue.

  • Kamiboy

    Don’t worry Miyazaki-san, the benchmark for how much decadent development diarrhea RPG gamers are willing to put up with is set by western devs such as Bethesda.

    Compared to their usual leaky buckets of shit Dark Souls stands as a testament of perfect programming.

  • Valerius

    Well the solution seems simple to me. Why let hardware restrict your creativity. Make the souls games for PC instead of 6 year old technology.

  • Tobias

    OH HEY




  • Zz

    Dark Souls really struck me like no other game ever has, and it was by far my GOTY of last year. If you told me the next Souls game would have frame rate issues, I would still go out and preorder the most expensive edition available. I trust From and if this is “growing pains” I can’t wait to see what the adult product is.

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