GTA V: scan set

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1 year ago by (@NE_Brian)

Update 2: Per Game Informer’s request, the images have been removed. Sorry!

Update: Direct-feed screenshots added to the gallery.

Game Informer published its December 2012 cover featuring GTA V earlier today. The issue has now been made available, and it contains a massive amount of details and images from Rockstar’s next open-world title. The full set of images from the magazine can be found in the gallery above.

All credit goes to Game Informer.

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Note 2: Using a different caching system since the first one was apparently ineffective and destroyed the site. Everything should be in working order now…

  • Ahmed Mejri


  • GR+ Entretenimento

    magazine pitares!! LOL

  • anon

    excellent! btw, not sure if it is just me but gta8 won’t open


    Dumbass, when you’re stealing a magazine to try to increase your petty ad revenue, at least put the stolen scans in order.

    • Khalid Salim

      lol hahah “at least put the stolen scans in order” but thats true guys at least arrange the scans for us

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