Housemarque pitched Dead Nation 2, Walking Dead and Superman games

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February 10, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Update: Housemarque has issued the following statement:

Housemarque would like to clarify the situation regarding recent rumors: Amar Djouad doesn’t currently hold any position within the company.

As for the artworks on display, they belong to a discarded batch and are not representative of projects we might or might not be working on.

We are flattered by the interest surrounding our future releases, and would like to reassure our fans that official announcements will be made when the time is right.

Gamers may know Housemarque as the team behind the Super Stardust titles and Dead Nation. In the past, the studio has made pitches for Dead Nation 2, a Walking Dead game, and a Superman project.

Dead Nation 2 and The Walking Dead are most-definitely canned. But in the case of Dead Nation 2, it’s unclear if it was nothing more than a simple pitch. One would think that Superman isn’t in the works any longer as well (if development even started at all), but it would have featured “an exhausted Superman, older and tired to carry the weight”, according to concept artist Amar Djouad.

Illustrations from all three pitches can be found in the gallery above.

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  • Axe99

    Don’t forget Outland – another quality game from Housemarque :)

  • Daedalus

    If you check their official blog, Housemarque states that Amar Djouad doesn’t work for them presently and that this information (about these projects being cancelled) is false, as they have yet to make any official statements. In addition, according to them in that same posting they explain that these are old “discarded artworks”, which may or may not be part of current projects.


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