January 2012 NPD: Sony’s response

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February 9, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

We haven’t received any NPD-related data or software rankings as of yet. Nonetheless, Sony has already sent out a response to January’s report.

Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at SCEA, said the following about the company’s performance last month:

“Following a strong December at retail, PlayStation continued the momentum in January through multi-retailer promotions such as ‘Play Days’ where we saw a 2x lift over forecast in peripheral sales and solid results for the PlayStation 3. February will be a landmark month for PlayStation and the gaming industry with the launch of PlayStation Vita on February 22. Pre-order sales for PS Vita and the launch lineup of 25 titles continue to accelerate as more consumers seek the ultimate in handheld gameplay.”

Source: Sony PR

  • Richard

    You can smell the “We’re sore last place losers” from them a mile away. The Vita will be DOA in the US.

  • greeg

    not when overall world wide they are selling more ps3′s then 360′s and wii’s. the NA numbers don’t matter when europe and japan are topping wuth PS3′s all the time (home console wise)


    Mico$oft fanboy’s love trolling pS3 news @ richard

  • smdh

    as Sory fanboys do X360 yada yada. The title of the article makes no sense. You would think Sony came out and said something about NPD. I mean thats what a response is. Geesh get off the Sory tit.


    GAME HERO = one of the SONY SAINTS that feel themselves the most TRUE gamers in the universe. Just like all religious jihadist who love to defend themselves, they’re mostly blinded and guided by an organization (Sony in this case).

  • philled

    Well, it’s typical SONY. Smearing campaign on it’s PR.
    And btw, SONY doesn’t need to advertise much of it’s playstation brands, cause Playstation loyalists are their walking advertisement. They’re willing to twist other gaming platforms, and preaching the Playstation like a true gospel. Overpriced products of Sony are being defended by overhyped fanboyz. Lmao, flipitty floppity flop!..

  • GoPatriots

    It’s really tough for many die-hard fans to see their favorite brand on the 3rd place this generation, after a glorious win last generation. So, it’s obvious to see them feel unsecured and mad on other brands.

  • usrev2

    i bought a PS3 in july because i was bored of xbox. i can confirm that uncharted 2, and resistance 1 and 2 suck, some of the worst games i’ve played.
    MAG was a blast, but it got old fast.
    MGS4 was great.
    god of war 3 got boring about half way through.
    i decided to stop getting fail PS3 games at that point.
    the starhawk beta is ok but not worth $60

    if 360 gold was the same as PSN+ the 360 would be a lot better though. PSN+ is pretty amazing for the price. but other then that PS3 sucks.



    So TRUE mate, have u been to N4G site???.. LOL lots of Sony Saints love to give their personal testimonies in their comments, it smells like the Playstation is a religion or something..ahh it’s more like they’re trying hard to dictate consumer’s wallets over other gaming systems, no wonder consumers hate Sony nowadays. Even Sony has changed PSN to SEN, Playstation brand is dying. Sorry saints!

  • http://khaaan.com/ Haz Karai

    And it’s not just the PlayStation brand that’s dying. Read the news. Sony is too. The entire brand name means little anymore. And their credit was just downgraded to BBB+, which in the financial industry means a huge impact. Kaz Harai might be able to turn it around, but he has a HUGE task in front of him right now. Sony is not what they used to be. And with Microsoft having deep and profitable pockets overall, they can continue to afford to take risks with the XBOX that Sony simply cannot afford to anymore.

  • http://thegame21x.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/sony_fanboys.jpg?w=450&h=360 Sony Fanboy


    u just shut man, sony rulez everione nows that!

  • Haz Karai


    I often refer to that site as:

    News for PlayStation Fanboys

    or N4PSF.com

    It is a total reality distortion zone. If you make any seemingly un-PlayStation comment or remark, factual or not, you will end up being banned by the PS3 moderator heavy staff.

    That site used to be really good as a gaming news portal. Long ago.

  • WTF

    More like you missed it when it was mostly bashing the ps3 …

    What’s amazing is how you guys never seem to notice the 360 trolls , only the sony fans .

  • TrollingTheXBOX

    It’s funny to see these Xbox fanboys gather up to troll 1 PS3 fan, it’s kinda sad that you feel so threatened that you need to gang up on other people and belittle their opinions just because you own a different console. I guess it’s the only way you xbox fans can feel superior.

  • the irony

    @Haz Karai, funny how your name is a play off the new sony president, and yet you are an xbot trolling ps3 news. GET A LIFE DUDE. thats all

  • Richard

    PlayStation will be dead soon, along with the rest of Sony. Most of us won’t miss them, only the brainwashed fanboy legion that hopefully will commit sepuku when it happens.

  • Crash

    Really, Sony, really? The Vita got less sales in three weeks then the 3DS did in 9 days. Not to mention that the Vita launched around Christmas and the 3DS launched in the middle of spring. Sony and their fanboys are just mooching off saying the Vita got good numbers (which are WAYYYYYYYYYYY worse then the 3DS’s) so they don’t look like complete idiots for saying that the Vita is going to SMASH the 3DS… which obviously isn’t true.

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