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March 26, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Mark Cerny, the lead architect behind the PlayStation 4, chatted with Impress Watch and shared a whole bunch of hardware tidbits. A number of details have been translated by the good folks over at NeoGAF.

There are some technical tidbits here that the average Joe like myself doesn’t fully grasp, but there’s also interesting talk about resolution, 4k gaming, multitasking, and more. You can find a pretty comprehensive summary of the information from Impress Watch below.

  • They don’t just use off-the-shelf HSA stuff; they are using OpenGL to the point of “full access to the hardware.”
  • They mention having to drop BC as being a necessary evil to make sure devs will be happy going forward.
  • They used what they learned from the Cell to make a powerful console. The did this by having to modify the GPU, etc (via ACE for proper compute processing).
  • He also talks about 4k gaming, and he said they are focusing on 1080p, but he did say that they can, for example, put the OS UI in 4k, but render the game in 1080p.
  • With that, he says they’d like to save as many resources as possible to ensure that 1080p because having the 4k UI alone will take 10 GB/s.
  • The drive can read CD’s–the system just won’t support playback of music CD’s.
  • He also mentions the custom on CPU chip and monitors all I/O systems (confirms ARM TrustZone).
  • Mentions background downloads and smaller initial sizes and play while downloading.
  • He mentions using BD and Hard drive combo for game reads and how to cut down load times.
  • Cerny also discusses the dedicated audio and video compression/decompression hardware for sharing videos and vita remote play.
  • The Android/iOS Playstation App lets you access all things Playstation. Store, game info, etc.
  • Regarding adding Vita remote play: “almost no overhead, without pain whatsoever, you will be able to Remote Play a game of PS4.”
  • So basically all PS4 games can be played on Vita EXCEPT those who use controller tracking or Move with the PS Eye.
  • They also talk about off-TV play.
  • Not all features will be there day one, but they will try to support everything they are planing going forward.
  • Also, OS is BSD, so they can make full use of multi-tasking.
  • Possible hint of PSOne discs being playable as the article was at one point corrected to distinguish between a lack of general CD support and a lack of music CD support, with some mention of ‘game compatibility’
  • OS is BSD-based to support rich multitasking; first time Sony is using that approach in a game machine
  • The idea of a secondary chip for low-power-state usage started to be talked about in 2009. European regulations around power consumption were part of the motivation.
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