Mass Effect 1 PS3 details – Edge of Reality helping, texture popping/performance improved, more

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October 3, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Mass Effect external producer Ryan Warden has been answering a slew of questions about the recently announced Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation on Twitter. Among his comments are details concerning ME1 on the PlayStation 3, which will be making its debut on the console for the first time.

Read on below for notes on the game’s improved performance, the co-developer behind the project, and more.

– No plans to release Mass Effect 1 physically on PS3 as a standalone title
– Edge of Reality is working closely with BioWare on the title (Dragon Age: Origins console developer)
– “Performance feels really good overall”
– The team wants to retain the Mass Effect 1 experience while making some targeted fixes
– Game features improved texture popping and better performance on PS3
– Uses the Mass Effect 1 engine with Mass Effect 2 PS3 touch-ups
– These improvements are specific to the PS3 (360 won’t get the performance upgrades)

Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation is without a release date on the PS3 currently. The package is set for launch on the Xbox 360 and PC on November 6.


  • MartinB105

    Cool. I wonder if Mass Effect 2 will be modified to carry over save files from Mass Effect 1?

    This trilogy may just be the push needed to get me interested in the series.

  • Jimmy

    Sound like another Sony induced smokescreen. Besides, it won’t sell well on the PS3 as everyone has already played it on the better other platforms. Multiplats suck on the PS3, touched up or not and Edge of Reality? Ha!

  • fr

    @ Jimmy
    Douchabag Fanboy!

  • Roderick

    fr is proving once again that pauperstation fanboys have no IQ to properbly debate anything. Jimmy is right!

  • nate

    LMFAO @ how there is still xbox fanboy. Your console is done, get over it. Have fun playing less than 5 good exclusives hahaha

  • Roderick

    Hve fun playing yours. Almost all PS3 exclusives are mediocre and nothing but overhype. That’s why they sell a lot less. Nice try though, at least it’s better than misspelled swears, but still incompetent.

  • Josh

    The Fanboys are weak today.
    @Roderick: Overhyped? You must be from N4G, oh, I’m Sure of it because there’s a Huge lack of intellect on you’re Comment

  • Roderick

    No, the pauperstation boys come from N4G, alias News 4 GayStation fanboys.

  • JT

    Wow, troll central here. PS exclusives are mediocre? that’s why Uncharted 2 and 3 are some of the most highest rated games ever. As well as journey and sound shapes. Most PS exclusives receive a average of a 8 or higher (yes of coarse there are exceptions, so don’t even try) why what makes xbox so much better? the fact that you have to pay a extra 50 bucks a year to play games online when you have already paid 60 bucks for the game its self? I am a fan of gaming, yes playstation is the hardware of my choice, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t played halo and gears. why not grow up and start acting at least like a teenager, instead of like my 3 year old child that throws a fit every time I tell him “no”. Trolling seems to be getting at an all time low. I remember when it was kind of funny. Now its just stupid and sad. You trolls are the new honey boo boo.

  • Cellphone

    Roderick, no, PS3 is below par, XBOX 360 sucks balls.

    The Wii/WiiU destroys EVERYTHING, you f@ggot.

  • Roderick

    Trolling only hurts you if you know the troll contains the truth. And we all know the truth about the PS3 – it’s a PoS and that’s why you are all so offended.
    Cry me a river paupers!

  • alba

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  • Heavenly_King

    If people remember accurately, Dragon Age 1 runs better on the PS3 than the 360. I am definitely buying this on the PS3, because it is the best version available like ME2.

  • MartinB105

    A few people here claiming everyone has already played these games.

    Well, just to prove those people wrong, I don’t own nor have any intention of buying a 360 or a Windows PC, and therefore I haven’t played any of the Mass Effect games because I had no opportunity to start at the beginning on the PS3.

    Until now. This trilogy is perfect for people like me. :)

  • Kenny

    lol, I guess 360 fans have to troll here. They lost the only game that people were buying the system for AND we’re getting the better version just like ME2.

    Admit it guys, the 360 is a glorified paper weight now

  • Daniel Son

    Ok, which one of you motherfuckers is TDbank?

  • Liquidlord

    Ooh, sounds nice! Haven’t played any Mass Effect game yet, so I’ll be sure to get the trilogy pack for mah PS3 :3

  • Dale Doeback

    Lerts be honest ME1 aint all that great anyway, the mako sure beats planet scanning, and it’s even better in the long corridor segments (like when you’re racing it along the beach to get to Wrex) but the combat is less satisfying than 2.
    I’m particularly fed up of fanboy wars, lets put the level straight Uncharted is the best trilogy on ps3, but as a covershooter its about on par with ggears for gameplay, I think UC series have the slightly better story. MGS4 isn’t worth playing, the story is so convoluted. Infamous and Killzone are overhyped. Heavy rain is only decent if you like point & clicks or QTE heavy games. IF anything the 360 is better because games that peoeple want to play like Fallout 3, new vegas and skyrim actually run on the thing without game breaking errors. Pretty much msot other releases are about equal standard, such as max payne 3 and lollipop chainsaw.

  • Kenny

    “MGS4 isn’t worth playing”

    You lost me there and plus that’s only your opioin anyway. It’s one of the best reviewed games this gen. And I personally think it’s top 3 this gen next to GTAIV and ME2.

  • csmokey

    God this is why I cant stand playing online with you jack offs, nothing but little kids saying my toy is better than yours, to all of you mine is better because I actually can afford my toys

  • csmokey

    also the gaming industry is a dying industry because of people like you, hey lets buy halo reach or MW3 even though they are basically revamps from the last one, nothing really updated new maps and some new tricks thats all

  • mikedo2007

    Mass Effect 1 is going to look nice on PS3!!!

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