Metal Gear Rising producer clarifies clear time, game is longer than you think

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February 11, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Some folks have already managed to get their hands on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Moreover, there’s at least one gamer who has already completed the campaign and uploaded his/her game results screen online – see above.

There’s one item shown in the results screen that, over the past 24 hours or so, received a great deal of attention. Based on the “total play time” amount, fans were starting to believe it would only take 5.5 hours to complete Revengeance.

This isn’t so, according to producer Atsushi Inaba. On Twitter, Inaba started out by writing that cut-scenes aren’t included in the total. Each chapter only counts your fastest time as well. Inaba noted that he finds it “really disappointing that people try to use a single screen in the game to try and create negative buzz.”

A review published in GamesTM states that Metal Gear Rising takes 6-8 hours to complete – VR missions not included. This may be a slightly better representation of Revengeance’s length.


  • asdfasf

    Wow blaming the fanbase for not wanting to spend 60 bucks on a incredibly short game. Classy.

    • Matt Velez

      Wow, blaming a producer for defending his product facing scrutiny and attacks stemming from ignorance on the product. Classy.

  • Joe

    People are not trying to create a negative buzz, they just see that the clear time is five and a half hours and get genuinely concerned that they will be finished with the game in a very short time. It’s not like money grows on trees. And this has no multiplayer as far as I know,

    people have a right to ask questions about game length when they are spending a lot of money on a game. People like to give Platinum games a free pass on a lot of things, where they crucify someone else like Capcom or EA for doing something similar. People need to stop worshipping Paltinum games as if they can do no wrong, it’s kinda sad. If you are making a single player game, then it should offer value for money, I don’t see why Vanquish and this game have to be under 10 hours to finish when games like RE4 set the bar at around 15 hours and managed it almost perfectly.

    If you keep praising devs for releasing short games , nothing is going to change, this is not the 80s or 90s where games were 3 hours long, we live in a time where games can be as long as you want them to be. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this game is short, or not worth getting, just stop defending Paltinum games as if they are your Gods who are perfect, you come across as a brain washed sheep.

    • Matt Velez

      The one thing everyone is missing is how many times you’re going to end up dying and retrying an area – this accounts for the majority of any person’s play time. This is literally only successful completions of the level. This is a platinum action game. That’s likely only a 3rd of how long you’ll be playing it.


    So the game is five hours long, but with Kojimas cut scenes it’s 50 hours long, just like MGS4 then

  • dakan45

    In what univese is 5 hours acceptable?

  • helenajackson

    hey all! so, when i first bought mgs2, i put it on the -highest- difficulty and took my time with the game. my completion time was 20 hours (i slowpoked around a bit–mgs2 is my fav game of all time). I went back and replayed it on the easiest setting for the hd-release last month? beat it in 5/6 hours, including cutscenes.

    my point is, mgs2 is HELLA short, considering more than half the game is a cut-scene. im sure mgr will have more -actual- game time and still be longer than mgs2, particularly the first time you play it through. just put the difficulty up and listen to those codecs, man! enjoy the game!


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