Namco Bandai Japan to blame for lack of Tales of Vesperia overseas?

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July 11, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Namco Bandai made two versions of Tales of Versperia. The game originally came out for the Xbox 360, but a PlayStation 3 version shipped in Japan one year later.

Only the Xbox 360 edition made its way to North America and Europe. Even though Tales fans had been clamoring for the PlayStation 3 release as well, Namco Bandai never followed through.

What’s the story behind the lack of overseas support for the PlayStation 3 title? We probably won’t ever find out about the specifics, but it sounds like Namco Bandai Japan could be to blame.

According to a Namco Bandai Partners representative, Microsoft did not pay for any exclusivity surrounding Tales of Vesperia. That isn’t what held up a North American/European release.

Apparently Namco Bandai Japan had been asked for its permission to localize the PS3 release every six months, but nothing ever panned out. So it sounds like some of the staff in Japan did not “OK” the decision for whatever reason(s).

That does sound somewhat strange. It’d probably help if we would be able to receive a more concrete explanation with more details. Still, it seems as though exclusivity can be ruled out once and for all as to why the PlayStation 3 version of Vesperia never shipped in the West.

  • auron

    Namco Bandai Japan are game hogs, all their gundam and digimon games they don’t bring to the US that sucks, I really wanted to play those. Someone needs to contact them.

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