New Metal Gear Solid V trailer, gameplay demo, tech videos

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March 27, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Update: Added in second video, which is a gameplay demo from Hideo Kojima’s GDC session.

Metal Gear Solid V trailer

Metal Gear Solid V demonstration

Tech video

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes trailer snippet, now in the daytime

  • A_Wise_Man

    So the Phantom Pain is indeed MGS5….

    • Johnson

      So is Ground Zeroes, which is before the coma. PP will be after the coma.

  • Solid Boy

    “Metal Gear!? It can’t be!”

  • Michael Munnett


  • Emir Jes

    so what happen to ground heroes?

    • Lee

      Both Ground Zeros and Phantom Pain merged into one game called “MGS5: The Phantom Pain”, Hope that answers your question. :)

  • Burton Martin

    Did i miss some news? That doesn’t sound like Snake.

    • Whitefox

      Hayter isn’t reprising his role as Big Boss look at his twitter account

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