New Phantom Pain trailer planned for GDC 2013, “will answer all of your questions”, new images

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March 15, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Update: Added in a few low-quality images (via).

Moby Dick Studio “CEO” Joakim Mogren just wrapped up his interview on GameTrailers TV. Although he wouldn’t reveal any new details about The Phantom Pain, “Mogren” did show several new images from the game including screenshots and concept art – some of which appeared to feature a Fox Engine logo.

A big reveal is planned for GDC 2013, it seems. Mogren told GT.TV host Geoff Keighley that a new trailer will be shown during the event and said: “I can confirm that it will answer all of your questions.”

Hideo Kojima just so happened to state on his Twitter account recently that he was preparing a trailer of his own for GDC. An announcement is planned as well. You can probably connect the dots…

Keighley asked Mogren about a few other topics, such as whether The Phantom Pain will be released on the PlayStation 4. Naturally, the question was dodged. Keep your eyes peeled for GDC, folks!

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    I hate Hideo Kojima so much! lol.

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