Nintendo: Wii U GPU “more pronounced” than CPU, but CPU not weak

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February 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

The Wii U GPU was another item brought up by an investor at Nintendo’s financial results briefing earlier this week.

Developers have praised Wii U’s memory in the past, but some have wondered if the console’s architecture focuses too much on GPU. Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, and Genyo Takeda all responded to this topic at the Q&A session of Nintendo’s investors meeting.

Takeda’s comments were, perhaps, most enlightening. He admitted that the GPU is “more pronounced” than the Wii U’s CPU, but said those who claim the CPU is weak are incorrect.

Read on below for the full comments from Miyamoto, Iwata, and Takeda.

Miyamoto: For High End graphics there is a hurdle, since we have to reeducate our people. The development itself hasn’t changed but we are recruiting specialists that can become core members in each specialized area. External Developers are used to shader techniques and we are collaborating a lot with external companies nowadays so we have a very good development structure.

Iwata: Every gaming hardware has its specialties. There is a timing of hit and miss before the functions can be used fully. We were not able to provide development kits that get out all the power of Wii U until mid of last year. With other gaming consoles firms had 6 to 7 years to experiment but our console has a different balance so it is easy to see who has adapted and who hasn’t. However this is something time will heal so we are not too worried.

Takeda: Wii U is a machine that has a lot of performance compared to its power consumption. The GPU is definitely more pronounced than the CPU. There are people saying that the CPU is weak but that is not true. It is a trend that the cash memory is what’s getting bigger with CPUs, not the processing power. I do not think at the CPU is underpowered. Its just a design where the memory is more stressed.

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  • Ana Helušić

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    • The guy who says no


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      Ana… jedina sramota su zapravo fanboy-i, dok se ti zamaras tme, ja se igram na svakoj platformi :P

      Sucks to be a blind fanboy………

      • Ana Helušić

        what?? Are you talking about your mom???

  • dylantalon

    the wii u is garbage. no matter how fanboys spin it its rubbish

  • Mudassirul Waris

    isn’t it supposed to be cache memory and not cash

  • Mudassirul Waris

    wii u has potential, next zelda game is probly going to be be amazing


    Wii U = CRAP

  • Michael Munnett

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    • Luis Ibarra

      Euclideon? No, dude. Waaaay shady. Last I heard, their point cloud data system was pretty much a scam. It’s in no way beneficial to use this system over polygons. Hell dude, yeah the tech demo looked incredible; more detail than anything I’ve seen in a while. But no dynamic lighting systems (they said they were working on it, showed some images, but still no proof it works) and not a single damn animation. You can make ridiculous amounts of detail polygons; as much as Euclideon had to show. But you can’t really animate it either. From what I’ve seen, anyone who’s ever donated to Euclideon has been scammed.

      Besides. We’ve been working with polygons for what now… over two decades? Something along those lines. Kind of stupid to abandon a technology that we’ve been improving on year after year.
      I was once as excited as you were, and part of me still wishes Euclideon will show up again this year and prove me completely fucking wrong.
      But yeah, until that day my hopes will stay exactly where they are.

      Thanks for reading.
      Oh yeah.
      Fan boys: just shut up. The WiiU is great. So is Ps3. So is 360. Just like the next two consoles will be.
      Grow the fuck up. Games are games.

      • Michael Munnett

        I already saw that video but i’m still siding with euclideon’s technology claim & giving them the benefit of the doubt.Watch this video interview below in the link!

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  • Michael Munnett

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  • Manoj Varughese

    I seriously can’t vouch for the hardware strength of Wii U, but if it was for the exclusives what made Nintendo’s previous consoles survive, it’s more sensible.

  • Michael Munnett

    “Knowledge is Power” – Sir Francis Bacon

    “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.” – Albert Einstein

    Science is unique in that its methods demand not only that the ideas proposed be tested and replicated, but everything science comes up with is also inherently falsifiable. In other words, unlike religion and politics, science has no ego, and everything it suggests accepts the possibility of being proven wrong eventually. It holds on to nothing and evolves constantly.” – Peter Joseph

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