No competitive multiplayer in Thief, but there is online

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March 29, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Update: Co-op still seems likely, but upon further review, what’s said in the podcast is slightly unclear. Be rest assured that there will be some kind of online functionality though!

Eidos Montreal has no plans for competitive multiplayer in the new Thief game. There will, however, be an online co-op mode.

Game Informer brought along Eidos Montreal lead producer Stephane Roy and lead level designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt for a chat on a special podcast. That’s where the co-op tidbit was revealed, but further information was not provided.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the podcast:

Eidos Guy 1: So, the question is are we going to have multiplayer? Is that the question?

Game Informer: Yeah, either co-op or some kind of multiplayer, or some other kind of multiplayer.

Eidos Guy 1: Okay, so let’s say to, very short answer, the answer is no, uh, competitive multiplayer let’s say. Umm… it’s uh, the challenge is already uh, it’s really demanding just to bring back this franchise and respect the franchise. There is a lot of passion in the uh, in the fans. They are, they are, you know, they know what they want to see. Just to make sure we respect the uh, the, the Thief franchise, it’s uh, it’s a big job by itself, so no multiplayer competitive multiplayer. That said, we plan to have mode with online co-op in it to uh, you know, give you another, another view of what can be Thief, but uh, it’s not, but again it’s not the big big multiplayer competition multiplayer.

Eidos Guy 2: As he said, our focus is on the singleplayer and we want to give the best experience possible, and focus our energy there.

Eidos Guy 1: Yes.


  • Son Phu Luu Dfs

    multiplayer for thief 4 runs a line with aveline.

  • fail thief

    no multiplayer…= free downloadable full game :D

  • Patrikvk

    Did you have to write out everytime he said UH? I couldn’t stop laughing.

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