Rumor: Sony takes a shot at Nintendo with new ad

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February 16, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Sony will be announcing its successor to the PlayStation 3 in just a matter of days. A proper reveal will be taking place this Wednesday.

In order to spread the word, Sony has been publishing various ads across the net – from pre-roll videos on YouTube to traditional block ads on websites.

There have already been a couple of ads spotted that seemingly come off as a bit of an insult to Microsoft and/or Nintendo. Now yet another traditional ad has been discovered that clearly takes a shot at the Big N and the company’s Mario IP.

We can’t verify the ad’s validity since we haven’t come across it ourselves as of yet, but based on a few of previous ones that have popped up thus far, it looks to be the real deal.


  • TwinTails

    A pretty poor display if you ask me. -_-

    • Web Des

      get a new tv then… -_-

      • TwinTails

        I mean, silly schoolboy trash talk has no place in the business environment.

        • Ana Helušić

          You have no place here, you don’t no nothing schoolboy

          • TwinTails

            As expected from a Sony fanboy. -_-

          • Elroy

            Just ignore the dumb whore, like the rest of the pauperstation brigade.

    • Siraris

      Childish? How exactly is pointing out the obvious, childish? It’s 2013, and what games prop up Nintendo to this day? Mario et al, Zelda, and to a lesser extent Pokemon, and maybe a few other first party titles. How is not pointing that out, in good fun?

      • TwinTails

        Maybe these titles:
        – Pikmin 3
        – Kirby’s return to Dreamland
        – FlingSmash
        – Trace Memory
        – Pandora’s Tower
        – The Last Story
        – Xenoblade
        – Dillon’s Rolling Western
        – Sakura Samurai
        – Pushmo/Crashmo
        – Line Attack Heroes
        – Master of Illusion
        – Fatal Frame 4 (co-owned)
        – Day of Crisis
        – Soma Bringer
        – HarmoKnight
        – Wonderful 101
        – Bayonneta 2 (I’m banking on it)

  • TheFarmboy

    ”Oh, yay, another generic,dark, and gritty FPS or Beat ‘em Up.” (I can do the same too :P)

    Looks like Sony is starting to act like Sega.

    I hope this possibly pretentou sattitude wouldn`t bite them in the arse in the future.

  • Karen

    Have they copied that now as well as Smash Bros and the Wiimote?

    Mature console for mature gamers

    • elloco

      At first I thought that I did lack the knowledge of what you meant. But reread it twice and now I think, WTF? Your brain is needing an upgrade!

    • Manoj Varughese

      I really get a little disappointed over reading comments like this.

  • Karen

    Have they copied that now as well as Smash Bros and the Wiimote?

    Mature console for mature gamers

  • EverythingIsRealLife

    people forget that sony and ms have third party support, something the wii didnt have and the wiiu wont have down the line…What else can be done with that turtle stomping shroom eating italian plumber Mario

  • nik

    Ps4. 0rbiz

    • Randy

      Sony has truly become a pathetic company with all their copycatting and rip-offs. No they’re doing anticommercials? That’s like child’s play and often has a more negative effect than positive.

      • Manoj Varughese

        Sega Genesis thrived in it’s heydays just because of it. They just simply failed with Saturn’s release not knowing how the market competition fared.

      • xmantaclam

        wow Microsoft who try to pay ppl to sabotage Google with scroogle and try to put ppl against the android phone and face book and it backfired and them really ? who is more pathetic, all big company do this and microsoft is king in dirty games

  • Jimmy Cage

    Mario and Zelda games will never get old for me so Sony can suck it

    • Ana Helušić

      What you are sucking??

      • Elroy

        You suck period. Go shove a tamp.

  • CalvFF7

    Guys you do realize this is tagged as a rumour?
    So before all of you Nintendo fanboys start losing your shit just think about that for a second. The word rumour.

  • Alessandro Rogers

    and we are back to the 1990’s. i missed those days :’)

  • maxinthefax


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