Sony: There are lots of unannounced Vita games

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October 10, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Shuhei Yoshida was interviewed by Famitsu in this week’s magazine. One of his comments transcribed by Japanese blogs concerns games for the PlayStation Vita.

While speaking with Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide studios president said that there are many unannounced games in the works for the handheld.

Some of the more recent Vita buzz came from Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2012 conference last month. Marvelous showed support with three titles, Namco Bandai confirmed a Vita version of God Eater 2, and Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors team announced Toukiden.

What else could be in store?

  • Bevin Kutler

    Off course there’s “a lot” because the holiday is coming and he wanted to lure people into buying Poostation Vitamin. In the meantime, Android and iOS games are already killing the ‘un-announced list’.

    Quad cores is now being a mainstream platform, traditional gaming system will be dwarfed by modern mobiles with sleek and sexy styles, not like childish looking device a.k.a Vita.

  • Bevin Kutler

    Off course there’s “a lot” because the holiday is coming and he wanted to lure people into buying Poostation Vitamin. In the meantime, Android and iOS games are already killing the ‘un-announced lies’.

    Quad cores is now being a mainstream platform, traditional gaming system will be dwarfed by modern mobiles with sleek and sexy styles, not like childish looking device a.k.a Vita.

  • CEO K.Hirai

    Unannounced actually means lack of interest from 3rd parties and just stuck in the pipeline. So the 1st party sony has to work and try harder to bring games out to allure people buying the unpopular vita.

  • bismarck

    Then it sucks if true. Dreaming and listing unannounced games can be a serious problem. At least we can only dream. :/

  • R33D

    PS vita will just end up having TONS of Minis by indy devs. Real games aren’t all going to be released due to the low volume of vitas sold.

    It will see spikes on holidays but not gonna last. Fragmented market with too many playstations versions that confuses consumers will make ps vita unpopular like the PSP Go.

  • Sasha_

    Keep dreaming boy! Last month i decided to give it a go at “mobile gaming” and to be honest I was disappointed. I have to say that i played on an Ipod Touch and not an Ipad but still that almighty gaming heaven is full of minis that go from 69p to 2.99£, “free to play” games that are designed to become impossible if you don’t invest money and proper games that are priced over 10£. To be fair I would rather spend 9.99 on PSN/XBLA game that at least it looks decent and not from SNES era. I have seen Apple’s Store Jewels but in my opinion it’s not worth it. On top of that I have pretty small hands, never had problems using any device till playing on my Ipod where 1/4 of the screen was covered by my thumbs…then again look at the price point of your cool, slick mobile devices 300-400£ average price point of most non-Apple devices and Apple’s top tie 699-799£. And people complain that PS Vita is expensive! I won’t buy an expensive phone so I can play some lol games without a proper controller and most important if you play for 3 hours, browse a little how much battery will you have left to actually use that deice to call somebody, and let’s not mention music/videos and all those neat apps that we use everyday. In the end my partner laughed at me because I was playing on that lol Ipod device and suggested to get a proper one therefore I sold that useless piece of tech named Ipod and bought a PS VIta.

    Best regards,


  • Beasta

    PlayStation Vita > Other Mobile gaming platforms. In truth the games for the I pad and any android or such devices isn’t handheld gaming. They don’t have any major franchise that is good like Uncharted Golden abyss or little big planet Vita to name a few. The PlayStation brand is a true gaming company that has very good ideas, but comparing there games to an I pad game or android is laughable to say at least because that suppose to be handheld gaming. The xperia play at least has button that allow gamers to properly play a video game, and allowing touch is just as much as an extra in the gaming. The I Series of device and androids phone are just phones people are going to use them for more than just gaming which is why they sell more. So the only two handheld that count for handheld gaming is the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS because they are on paw with what the handheld gaming scene is about, and the I series and android is mostly a advance phone with Mini Games that you can play on it.

  • Cole

    To All super Poostation fantools (Beasta Sasha):

    Hundreds of millions of non-vita gamers don’t need uncharted (who?) to have fun. In fact, tablets are more fun to use and useful than a dedicated gaming toy like vita. Mechanical buttons+sticks are now obsolete, it’s your grandpa’s hardcore tech. Good luck for living in the past, fellas.

    Proud to be a three dimensional gamer (Nintendo, PC, and iPad) than a one dimensional super slim poostation tool.. LOL.


    Wow lots of trolls on this website.

    It feels good to know that there is a lot of press and news about the PSVita. Proves to show that this device is here to stay.

    Haha you bloody trolls, comparing smartphone gaming to dedicated handheld gaming. Idiots. Never will smartphones surpass dedicated handheld gaming, not until cell phones have buttons. Fools.


    Yo Cole, I know you like to suck dick for a living, so let me just stop you for a second.

    To say that touch gaming beats buttons, is to say that faggots rule this world.

    HAHAHA never in your life will this happen. Fool.

  • Bevin Kutler

    Awwch so cute when tools get mad..tears from a Super Slim PooStation tool are so yummy. Oh well, when PooStation Vitamin reach 10 million users then go back try again here.

    Try harder slim tool or go back to your cave playing buttons, mwahahahahaw.

  • Oh Lordy

    Wow…from original article to trolling garbage in less than 10 posts…

    Congratulations all on providing yet more evidence that the internet is populated by morons.

  • Oh $ony

    ^^ Niiice. Another $ony tool got doomed. Congrats for having a tiny one-sided brain tool who got pawned by multiplatform “trolls”..

  • Gaikai

    Good news for non-Sony gamers, you’ll soon be able to play playstation games without buying a vita or ps3 :

  • Ronnie

    None of the games coming out for Vita will save the dead platform. Vita, pffft, the one who came up with that name should be terminated immediately as it will forever be associated with death in the games industry. And that gaikai thing will fail even harder.
    $ony PauperStation is going down!

  • Lmao

    To suggest mobile games will overtake traditional consoles wether portable or home console is stupid.

    Ok, so you might be getting some AAA games via Gaikai, how are you going to play something like ac3 properly with its many controls? tether a ps3 controller to it? Oh look you’re basically playing a ps3 on a tiny screen.

    The argument that phone gaming is doing better than dedicated is flawed, most of the sites base their data on how many phones are sold and not how many people are actually playing the games.. not everyone buys a phone to game on.

  • Gaikai

    The point is.. PoopStation fantools aren’t that bright as they might have been thought. Non-$ony gamers have always been way smarter than radical Poop nazis who always stuck being a one dimensional tool, everything must be limited to Fony.

  • John

    It’s funny how all of the trolling going on in these comments sounds like it’s coming from the same person. Even their grammar is almost the same. Hahaha, loser.

  • John

    I meant i am the real looser here..hahaha

  • Rick

    Poostation? How old are ya? 12? 10? 16? Look ima hardcore Madden fan, ONLY the ps vita can provide me with the type of controls and graphics i’m looking for. The Vita don’t look like a toy, the 3ds does. If you were my kid I whoop yo little ass like what my mama did to me. U kids is sissys these days.

  • Rick

    A phone game???? U hella funny, my kids mess with them phone games, that’s how I could tell you ain’t never paid a gotdamn cent of rent in ya life. Holla at me if you lookin for a challenge in Madden on the ps3 or Vita… xKMx_BaYarea415 No racist shit cuz I ain’t white, yea i’m talkin to 360 fanboys

  • Rick

    Shit..i’m talking to my own hand..godamnit

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