This is what Nintendo Power’s final cover looks like

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November 29, 2012 by (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo Power has finally come to an end. Subscribers should soon be receiving the magazine’s December issue, which is its last.

It seems that Nintendo Power decided to go in an old-school direction with the final cover. Take a look:

Does that look familiar to any of you? It should! Nintendo Power is paying tribute to its very first cover from 1988:


  • Jeremy Ash Fletcher

    oh no. getting a little teary..

  • BrothaDave

    they should have kept running it digitally or did a weekly newsletter or something. paper cost money, everything is done online first now. before you get the magazines the news is already on the internet. times are changing fast

  • Xino

    mario looks like a crack head in the 1988

    • warcoming


  • Johnny Rider

    R.I.P buddy, never forget <3

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