Tomb Raider gets first review

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February 23, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Tomb Raider has received its first review, courtesy of this month’s issue of GamesMaster.

Crystal Dynamics’ latest earned a 90% score. The magazine had high praise for Tomb Raider’s visuals – the title was given a 95% rating in the category.

Players can look forward to 10-15 hours for the main story, though GamesMaster notes that it’ll take 20 to fully explore the island.

The magazine also enjoyed the “vivid” hubs and final third of the game “with its spectacular bombast”. GamesMaster wished Tomb Raider included more side tombs, but the ones present in the game are a joy to discover. For those wondering: there aren’t many quick time events.

GamesMaster sums up:

“Sitting back exhausted we were left with just one question dribbling forth from our gaping jaws. How on earth are they going to top this in the sequel? Because of one thing there can be no doubt. Lara is back.”

Look out for a whole slew of Tomb Raider reviews early next week. Square Enix will be ending the game’s embargo on Monday – over a week before the game launches.

Thanks to joclo for the tip.

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    The kiddies over at N4G are upset this is getting good scores, because it competes with their boyfriend Drake.

    • Jewy McJew

      I think the world is big enough for both!

      • John

        Not for dumbass PauperStation N4Gtards. They’re beyond retarded and are completely brainwashed.

        • javier

          your comments make you look like a complete idiot.

        • Mark

          Your an arse you know that

          N4G is hardly full of Sony fanboys, it’s just that Sony are the only ones who actually give a crap still about core gaming and people, like those on N4G, actually notice that and give credit where it’s due.

          Besides back in 2006-2008 it was a Microsoft 360 fanboy fest

          • Tom

            Wow, just like all the other N4Gtards, you can’t even spell You’re properly. Go back to school dumbass!

        • jeremy scott

          Well considering that tomb raider is on both consoles they can play this and uncharted …I guess your an xbox fanboy and have never played uncharted so you have no clue what your taking about….I will be playing this and I love uncharted as well ..Omg you can’t like both most chose one lol you fan boys are delusional….

    • John

      Uncharted was a Tomb Raider ripoff to begin with.

      • Sandro Desaulniers

        Hardly a rip-off, definitely inspired. Everything I’ve seen of this game looks like a copy/paste job of Uncharted, however.

        • Klona

          Lol, where are the side tombs, hubs and gear gating in Uncharted?

          • Sandro Desaulniers

            The core gameplay (especially the multiplayer) is exactly like Uncharted. Only major difference is it’s in an open world rather than linear levels.

      • GG

        The ultra-sensitive sony girls at N4G have no great games to play so most of the time they’re watching on N4G news, disagreeing anti-sony news and agreeing pro-sony opinions. So sad they must wait 10 months for the phantom plastic toy to be played.

        They’ve been outsmarted by Sony, always playing hypes waay before playing the real thing. We should be smarter than sony, avoid giving our money to the flipping company at all cost, ever! ;)

        • Tommy

          Sony’s entire motto is “overhype and underdeliver”. That’s why they’re on the verge of bankruptcy and have to sell so many assets to raise money.
          When the PS4 fails (that’s a when, not an if anymore) it’s over for Sony. Their stock even DROPPED after the underwhelming PS4 presentation and that is a clear alarm bell that not even investors are interested anymore.

      • Phatzombi

        SE was inspired through Uncharted….. Google it

      • Edward Slue

        lol idiot I dont remember that great of a story, gunplay and platforming in the Tomb Raider games I’ve played, all of them by the way.

  • Tom Raiden

    Expect {biased} critics and fanboys to give it a low score and call it Uncharted clone.

    • jeremy scott

      Who cares just play both and enjoy them I like uncharted and I will like tomb raider as well ….

  • jeremy scott

    What have you played the old tomb raider games nothing like uncharted so how can uncharted rip off something that’s not even close…….I think this game looks great, but it takes a lot of stuff from uncharted which is a good thing i will be buying this ….Uncharted is more like Indiana Jones any way…


    Didn’t this used to be a ps exclusive? So stop with all the Xbox fan boy sh!t, it’s annoying. Who cares which is better just buy what you want and shut up


    And it’s obvious that uncharted kinda took the whole idea from tomb raider, but either way both great games

  • AngryGamer

    10-15 hours of gameplay? No wonder single player gaming is dying. Not worth full price to me no matter how good it is.

  • Phatzombi

    SE admitted themselves that they were inspired from uncharted….. Google it…..

  • mike

    @ the 2 15 yo virgin kids who criticize Sony and say they over hype and under deliver,
    What do you get for free with your gold live ssubscription?Do you have at least a 10 cts game free, each month? Look at psn+ and the tons of free stuff we get. The day Microsoft will give you for free BioShock, or borderlands, or uncharted vita, or batman, and hundreds of free stuff like Sony does, stop masturbating while you play halo, for 5 minutes, and try to talk like an adult, you little kid.

    What games did Microsoft give you to your console, within the last 5 years excepting halos,gears,forzas and Alan wakes? Can you answer ?

    In a few weeks, the last of us and god of war ascension will make you little girls cry because your daddy can’t afford to buy you a ps3, after having spent a lot of cash on dlcs, live gold and a 4th x360, after the first 3 got rrod’ed.

    Under deliver? You little kids say that, after having watched the killzone shadow fall trailer about 20 times and being totally wowed, with those never seen before graphics with hundreds of buildings, that many CGI movies can’t match. You couldn’t sleep the next 3 days following the Sony meeting, because that kill zone gameplay trailer is just too power for your brain to handle, used to deal with halo and gears old unreal engine 3 outdated graphics.

    Under deliver? Lol, you little guys are really unbelievable. or should I say girls? Or 50/50..

    OK, kids, go back to halo and gears, the best games ever.nothing surpass them, excepting another halo or gears, of course.

    Don’t forget to go to the store and download for free 2 new full games and dozens of other free games, along with all the reductions, on live.
    Soups, sorry, I mean PlayStation store, sorry. The only thing Microsoft gives for free, is all the ads on the dashboard. That, is free ;)

  • J C

    I hope I find it as enjoyable as they did.

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