Ubisoft blasted on Miiverse for Rayman Legends news; devs not happy either?

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February 7, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

To say the least, Wii U owners aren’t pleased with the news that Rayman Legends is going multiplatform. Due to the new SKUs, the game won’t be available until September. The delay was announced just weeks before Legends was supposed to launch on Wii U.

Quite a few Wii U users took to Miiverse today to voice their displeasure with Ubisoft. You’ll find tons of commentary from system owners on the Uplay community complaining about the news.

But Wii U fans aren’t the only ones unhappy with Ubisoft’s announcement. One of the developers (take this with a grain of salt – he’s apparently “Xavier”, on stage at Ubisoft’s E3 presser last year to show off the title) wrote a fairly lengthy reaction to the delay. Xavier noted how members of the team “spent 6 months barely seeing our wifes, kids, and friends” as they crammed to get Rayman ready for release this month. It was “for nothing”, however, and “it was a hell to swallow” the news. Xavier does stand by the quality of Legends though, and hopes consumers won’t neglect it simply because of what some believe is a poor decision from Ubisoft.

A translated forum post from the ElOtroLado forum reads (thanks to NeoGAF’s Tiamant):

I completely understand you but you have to understand one thing. This is not a decision taken by the development team, this comes from really really high up, so please don’t pick on the game.

If you’re pissed, imagine how we feel. Think on the situation, we’ve been making overtime with this game practically since May preparing E3, and then almost a demo per month (gamescon, Wii U presentation, shops, eShop, etc…) and at the same time trying to actually finish the game. We had a first delay because it was obvious we couldn’t finish on time but we gave it all to be there on February. What face do you think we had when the week we had to close the game we’re being told it’s not going to be released? I couldn’t believe it.

For practical matters, you’ll have to wait for some months for the game to be released and will most likely serve for more content to be added and do it better. For us, this means we’ve spent 6 months barely seeing our wifes, kids, and friends for nothing because, after all, such a haste wasn’t needed. Believe it, it was a hell to swallow these news.

Even then I’m firm in what I said back in the day, Rayman Legends is an excellent game and will still be, and the team that’s making it doesn’t deserve to have your back turned on them just because some men in ties one day took a wrong choice. This industry is really that shitty


  • Fubisoft

    They lost my business and I own a ps3 and wii u.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001214715040 Dee Bee

      I have the same gaming combo as I await the announcement for the PS4 (soon to be PS4/WiiU). This smells of Ubisoft not having confidence in Nintendo and decided to do multiplatform. My big issue is why the hell Wii U gamers have to wait so long when the game is practically ready. Xbox360 always gets timed exclusive… so why must Wii U owners wait? Nintendo have to do a better job at creating buzz for their console and pressure 3rd party developers to support it. Microsoft does this all the time… often with their wallet.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Web-Des/100003359088780 Web Des

      I agree with you! But I am buying it :D on ps3..

    • ThePokeMaster

      Support the developers, you loon!

  • Mom

    Was going to pick it up but now I will not. By that time, more interesting games will be released. I think ubisoft made a bad decision here. People with PS3 and 360 will be saving for next generation, and people with wii u will forget about this game.

  • PissedOffLeo

    They screwed up and they will understand! The game has been designed to take advantage of the wii u pad, and the owners of the Nintendo console would buy it because it was a unique valuable title. The choice to affer an incomplete conversion (see redesigned gameplay) on other platforms and delay (unjustifiably) the release of Wii u will cut the sales and it will end up like its precedessor.

  • bonezai


  • Chaz

    Cancelled my pre-order of it, not impressed!

  • dabstar

    I was looking forward to the game coming to wii u this time of year. Now in the fall I am sure I will have moved on and will not be buying the game since nintendo will have other games to buy out by then. Very poor move on ubisoft’s part.With no games out this month for the wii u it would have sold well. Now i doubt it will

  • oo7

    I have a PS3 and love Rayman, but I won’t buy this crap because Ubisoft bosses choose to screw their Wii U fans and to disrespect their developers as well. It doesn’t matter who gets the game first. If the game is DONE, WHY hold it back? WHY make the developers rush to finish a game and then have the disrespect to NOT SHIP IT? Yeah, it’ll save you money for advertising maybe… but it also loses you money and respect. Change your mind ubisoft.

  • Anonybro

    Really this is what it seems to be boiling down to:

    PS3/360 games come to Wii U-“Nice, now everybody gets a chance to play, why would you want it exclusive? Do you not want [insert game dev] to succeed”

    Wii U games come to PS3/360-“OH, THIS ISN’T EXCLUSIVE ANYMORE? WELL, F*CK THIS SH*T!”

    It’s funny because when Bayonetta 2 was announced a Wii U exclusive, I saw numerous Wii U fanboys bragging about taking a ps3/360 game away, yet when one gets taken away from them, they go apesh*t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/NiNFAN1990 Matt Bradley

      >It’s funny because when Bayonetta 2 was announced a Wii U exclusive, I saw numerous Wii U fanboys bragging about taking a ps3/360 game away

      I saw even more 360/PS3 players screaming they will never buy a platinum game again, too. Look at the sides I can also cherry pick between.

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