Video compares Wii U and PS3 load times

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March 31, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo will be improving the Wii U’s load times in April, including the time it takes to boot out of a game and return to the home menu. The company recently released a video highlighting the improvement, so one Japanese gamer decided to create a video and see how it stacks up to the PlayStation 3. Take a look below:

  • Gregory William Wampler

    Good comparison and shows the Wii U will be toe to toe with the PS3. However, this is simply going from the menu screen to the home screen. I think some apps like Netflix actually load much slower on PS3 than on Wii U. YouTube too I believe.

    • Ana Helušić

      Lol so PS3 is a little faster than a Wii U, PS3 is 7 years old lol, PS4 will be warp speed comparing to this

      • hahahah

        Lol, i love how the wii u is just as fast as a 7 year old console. nintendo, you blew it

  • mike

    On thing that takes time, on the ps3, when you stop a game, is changing from the game’s native resolution to eventually 1080p. You can hear and see this as the TV shows the info, during a few seconds, of the detected video signal currently in use, example:
    And then it shows hdmi1-1080p

    You can also see this when you play a 50-60Hz mpeg video, and then you play the next video, which is a 1080p avchd, for example. Here, it also takes a little time for move from one resolution to another.

    It could be the case on this video. The TV could also be running at the native Wii u resolution, therefore the TV would need to switch resolutions. When the ps3, the game is probably running at 720p, and when it stops, the ps3 needs to switch its output to 1080p, which may be the current resolution of the ‘dashboard’.

    Nintendo themselves should release a hack for the Wii u. All the consoles that got hacked always sold well and fast, like the 360 and Wii. Around me, people bought a Wii and/or x360 and had them modified and ready to play downloaded games for free, because they didn’t want to pay for games. These same guys waited like 2-3 years for a ps3 hack, some still got one, but most completely skipped it: they didn’t want to pay for the games.

    A hacked Wii u would make sales skyrocket, and more million units sold would mean more developers making games, even knowing there would be many pirated copies. But since Nintendo apparently is losing money on each Wii u they sell, having suddenly 10 millions of guys buying a Wii u, and not spending a dime on what gives them the most money: games, it wouldn’t be a good business for them.

    For me, they shouldn’t have done that touch controller.if they had invested that money on more ram, a more powerful CPU and GPU, sales would be fantastic.but maybe that controller costs like 30% of the overall price, they had to choose average hardware.

    For all the fans, really, playing zombiu with that controller, and having our eyes moving from the touch controller-tv-touch controller-tv every 5 seconds, is it THAT really amazing and cool?

    • jpg

      Leave a message…yes it really is amazing and cool

      • mike

        Cool then :)
        I asked that because its totally different from what we’ve been doing for the last 20 years. We watch the monitor or TV,and completely forget we’re holding a controller or pressing asdw on a keyboard.
        Suddenly, you are playing, and need to move the eyes over the touch screen, you have to aim the item/icon you want, touch it, and move the eyes back to the TV. While it may be cool, I believe you, it must require some time to get used to it(like everything), and the first times, it may be a bit confusing.

        Sure, I imagine a mass effect game, where you need to press a button on the controller, to show the powers wheel, then I need to pick the power, etc. With the touch controller, it must be really useful, because we can see what powers and when they are available, and who is ready to use them. It must be excellent, indeed.

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